How Sleep Correlates with Longevity of Life

We all wish to live a long and happy life. By now, you might have heard that in order to live longer, you need to follow a well-balanced diet and have active lifestyle. But did you know that your sleeping habits also have huge effects on the number of years that you will be able to celebrate your birthday? Yes! You’ve read that right; the two actually has direct correlation.

In one study with over 21,000 participants, experts found out that people who sleep less than seven hours a night can increase their risk of death by around 17 to 24%. This is also true for those who love to sleep more than 8 hours a night. They also discovered that sleep medications can increase mortality. With these findings in mind, it is safe to say that the best number of hours to sleep is between 7 to 8 hours every night.

In order to understand the correlation even more, we will be listing for you some of the side effects of sleep deprivation:

-According to research, if you always sleep less than seven hours a night, you are putting yourself at risk of developing diabetes. People who have sleepless nights tend to binge eat. When this happens, you will surely have problems controlling your weight. One of the things tht can help you is folding mattress.

-You also become more susceptible to developing stomach ulcers.

-When you are sleep-deprived, your corticosterone, which is also known as the stress hormone, increases. This will result to a decrease in the production of new brain cells.

-You will also be at risk of developing heart diseases. You can also expect your blood pressure to increase.

-You may experience premature signs of aging. The rationale behind this is the slower growth hormone production. What you need to remember is that this hormone is produced during deep sleep.

-Sleep deprivation may also exacerbate a number of chronic diseases such as gastrointestinal and kidney disorders, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and even Cancer.

-You will be at risk of developing depression. In one study, researchers found out that resolving insomnia also helped decreased symptoms of depression.

These are just some of the effects of sleep deprivation. Now, we will be tackling some simple, but very useful tips that may help you achieve the restful and relaxing sleep that you have always wanted.

  • First of all, it is important to ensure that you have the bed for you. To be more specific, a comfortable mattress is really a must. One important thing to remember is that there are different types of mattresses available in the market today and it is vital to get one that best suits your need. Some of the most common types include innerspring, natural fiber, memory foam, latex and hybrid. These are available in various degrees of firmness. According to experts, the best one, especially for those with chronic back pain is medium firm memory foam. Although, of course, it will still depend on your preference. Do your research first to check the pros and cons of each type and then visit a nearby warehouse to see your choice personally. There are some stores that will let you use their mattress for a specific duration before you buy it so that you can be 100% that it is the right one for you. Do not be afraid to ask about this, after-all, mattresses are considered investments, so take all the time that you need in choosing.
  • Avoid using mobile phones, tables and the likes when you are about to go to bed. Electric devices actually emit blue light that will prevent you from falling asleep because it tricks your brain into thinking that it is still daytime.
  • Develop a good sleep routine. As much as possible, help your natural body clock by following scheduled sleeping and waking times.
  • As much as possible, make your room conducive for sleeping. You can do this by choosing relaxing wall paints, using heavy and dark curtains and setting the temperature of the room anywhere between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. They are said to be the best temperatures for optimal sleep.
  • Do not eat huge meals near your bedtime. If you had a heavy meal right before you retire to your bed, the body will compensate by working continuously. Instead of resting, it will work double time to digest the food you have eaten.
  • You should also avoid consuming food and drinks that are high in caffeine such as soda, coffee and chocolate.
  • As much as possible limit the water that you drink before bedtime if you do not want your sleep to be interrupted by bathroom breaks all throughout the night.

Again, sleep is very important. Sleep can affect not only the quality of life, but its longevity as well. It is therefore important to ensure that you will not be sleep deprived especially for long periods of time. To help you, just follow the tips we have listed above. They may be simple, but we can assure you that they will help you a lot.

Sleep Tips For Those With Insomnia

One of the most common sleep problems is insomnia. If you are not familiar with it, it is a condition that is primarily characterized with difficulty in falling asleep. There are other symptoms though, which are usually not talked about that often. For example, those suffering with insomnia can also have difficulty falling back asleep once they have woken up in the middle of the night.

Now that we have described what insomnia is, it is now time to talk about simple, but very effective tips to help improve the quality of your sleep even if you have this condition:

  1. Keep track of your activities throughout the day as well as the number of hours you sleep at night. By doing this, it will be easier for you to see your triggers. This just means that you will be able to identify things or situations that stress you out and hopefully, you will be able to avoid them as much as possible. What you need to understand is that the more stressed-out and anxious you are, the more difficult it will be for you to sleep at night even if you are sleeping on best mattress uk.
  2. You might have heard about this tip hundreds of times already, but it will be really helpful if you will follow a bedtime ritual and routine. As simple as going to sleep the same time every night will be a very huge help to your natural body clock. We understand that this may be quite difficult especially for those with erratic work schedule, but if you can do this, then it is really worth a try.
  3. Your bed should be a no work zone. Use your bed the way it was supposed to be utilized. You should not bring your work to bed and be firm with that. It is also not advisable to use gadgets right before you sleep because they emit light that can negatively affect your ability to sleep. By the way, the same light is emitted by televisions as well.
  4. Speaking of bed, you should also make sure that you have the proper type based on your need. A good mattress is something that can follow the natural curvature of your body. It should also be able to support your back and joints well. Studies have suggested many times that a good quality sleep is directly linked to a comfortable mattress and bedding. You should do a little research first before you make that purchase.
  5. Take care of your body and always follow a healthy and active lifestyle. There are a couple of studies, which showed that the exercise can definitely improve the quality of sleep for people with insomnia. One research suggested that you should exercise at least three hours before you retire to bed.
  6. Visit your doctor if you have tried everything that we have listed above. Yes, insomnia is very common, but this does not mean that it is not something that you should just let yourself suffer from. This is especially true if the condition is already affecting the quality of your life. The good news for you is that there is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that you can look into. Just visit your doctor to ensure that you fully understand what this treatment is all about.

Just like what we have mentioned earlier, insomnia is very common. It may not sound so serious for some, but the reality is, it is a very difficult condition to have. We really hope that you will be able to use the tips we have listed above to help you cope with insomnia and hopefully, these can become your ticket to a quality sleep experience.

Tiny House and Interior Management

We as grown-up human beings have a strange fascination with small cute things. We hardly can resist ourselves from showing interest when we see beautifully crafted miniature of any kind of famous structures. So, growing fascination for a tiny house is not an exception to human nature only the dramatic rise in foreclosures and housing crisis across the country forced human intelligence to go with the concept of tiny houses which later became the Tiny House Movement.

The cuteness and the affordability of the tiny houses have charmed everybody, but one may wonder about the spaciousness of a tiny home when you plan to use it as a dwelling place. Keeping it in mind the interior decoration experts have come up with the brilliant ideas and innovative tools to make the interior of a tiny house highly customizable. With the new creative concept of innovative furniture, it has become possible to live spaciously even in a tiny house.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular creative furniture:

Wall Bed and Sofa

Wall bed sofa is the most useful and most wanted furniture in a tiny house. At the night time when full and prolonged relaxation is essential, you can use the bed. At the daytime just fold the bed and use the sofa for short relaxation, for entertaining your guests or for doing some important works. If you have this one in your tiny house, you need not worry about the space management in your sweet tiny house.

Fold Down Table

It is another useful furniture for a tiny house. The table remains folded in the wall while it is not in use. Therefore, it gives you a lot of room and freedom of movement in your tiny house.

Ironing Board Mirror

Another innovative and space saving tool cum furniture is an Ironing Board Mirror. You can easily use it as an ironing board and when your work is over, use it as a mirror.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

With this multi-purpose furniture set, you can have a drop down table on one side and a kitchen counter on the other. Here are some models worth looking. You can use the shelves. The amazing thing is that you can also pull out a bed from it.

Folding Chairs

No doubt folding chairs are indispensable in a tiny house. Use them when you need or let them hang on the wall and forget about them.

Wall Cupboard

Having a wall cupboard is brilliant when you want to save space and when it is a matter of tiny house you will get no other better option than this one.

With the advent of brilliant designs from creative brains, it has become easy to live in a tiny house. That is why the craze for tiny houses is increasing day by day. People seem to have fallen in love with the concept of the small house due to its affordability and privacy.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is very important for your wellbeing. If you don’t sleep well, your performance at work will be affected and your health will start to deteriorate. No matter how busy you are you should get adequate sleep. Even the great leaders of the world, who are responsible for running the country, find time to get enough sleep within their busy schedule. Here are some reasons why sleep is so important.

Physical health

Sleep is directly linked to health. You can prevent a lot of diseases if you sleep well. It is essential for diabetes 2 patients. Your sugar level may increase if you have sleep deprivation. Your heart and cardiovascular system will function well if you have proper sleep. Your immune system will also improve. Obesity is also caused due to lack of sleep. You will start craving for unhealthy food and you will grow fat.

Mental health

You may suffer from depression due to lack of sleep. So, sleep is needed for your mental health as well. You will feel relaxed and energized after a good night’s sleep.

Better performance

If you sleep well, your mind will be fresh and you will perform better at work. You will be able to make good decisions and do work efficiently. If you suffer from lack of sleep, your performance at work or your college will decrease.

Most of us don’t give much importance to sleep. But it is a very important part of our life. You should make time to have at least six to eight hours of sleep every night. This way you will be able to stay healthy and lead a great life.

States in the US where cannabis is legalized

Cannabis can be very harmful to the health. At the same time, medicinal cannabis has many useful properties. The recreational cannabis was not legalized before. It was bought secretly and the business of recreational cannabis and the related products were illegal. But now some of the states in the US have legalized cannabis business. Even the business of medical cannabis is limited. In the US, 29 states have legalized the use of medical cannabis and 9 states have legalized the buying of recreational cannabis. Here are the states where it is legal to buy recreational cannabis.


It is the first state where medical marijuana was made legal in 1996. From this year, it is legal to carry and use up to one ounce of recreational marijuana also. However, some cities in California like Fresno has banned the use of recreational marijuana.


Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2012. There are lots of marijuana dispensaries across Colorado. The residents and tourists both can buy them.


In Alaska, anyone above 21 years of age can buy marijuana. Consumption of marijuana was made legal in 2015 here. But it is legal to use up to one ounce of marijuana. Many pot shops are now open in Alaska.


The residents of Maine can possess about 2.5 ounces of marijuana. This is more than the limits given by the other states. There will be taxes imposed on the sale of marijuana as well.


Massachusetts made marijuana legal in 2016. People can use maximum one ounce of marijuana. They will also be allowed to grow about 12 plants indoors.


From July 2017, Nevada legalized the selling and use of recreational weed.  Anyone above 21 years of age can buy it up to an ounce. But if someone wants to grow it in your own house, he or she must live at least 25 miles away from a weed dispensary.


Since 2015, the residents of Oregon and tourists can carry an ounce of weed and grow maximum four plants in their home. But there is a restriction that weed must be consumed in a private place. In 2017, $85 million was earned in tax revenue.


Residents of Vermont can use about one ounce of marijuana and grow up to two plants in their house. So, anyone above 21 years can possess it.


Washington has legalized recreational marijuana in 2012. There is a limitation for growing weed. Residents can grow weed in their home only if they need it for medical purposes. Otherwise, it’s illegal to grow weed. Non-medical marijuana was made legal here in 2014. People can possess about two ounces of marijuana. But for a gift, the amount is limited to one ounce.

Many people voted for legalizing marijuana in 2017. According to a poll, about 64% Americans voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is expected that the country will make billions of dollars as revenue tax from the sale of marijuana.

Top 3 most significant world events of last year

Every year we see some changes in the political landscape. New leaders take vows, countries go into political crisis, major government decisions are being made, etc. Last year hasn’t been any different. Here are the most significant world events that took place last year.

Rohingya crisis

This has been one of the most talked about topic of last year. The Rohingya’s were forced to flee from Myanmar.  Majority of them took shelter in the neighboring country Bangladesh.They are the minority group and mostly Muslims, living in Myanmar for years. But they were discriminated, tortured and raped. Even people were killed. The political leader and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has done very little to overcome the crisis situation.

Saudi Arabia’s new prince

Mohammad bin Salaam is crowned the new Prince of Saudi Arabia. He is young and is all set to make some major economic and social changes in the country. The state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco is made public and women are given permission to drive. He is also arresting people for corruption, and that includes his own family members. It is a very big move for a conservative country like Saudi Arabia.

Nuclear testing in North Korea

Last year North Korea has tested it’s sixth nuclear test. Despite the opposing remarks of the world leaders, they have continued to test their nuclear power. The U. S and China government are likely to take some major step. They will go for military action if needed. It is a great risk to the world if North Korea remains a nuclear power.

Some of these events have affected the world politics. It is hoped that people will stay in harmony and make it a better place to live in. The world leaders should try to make peace, instead of fighting.