States in the US where cannabis is legalized

Cannabis can be very harmful to the health. At the same time, medicinal cannabis has many useful properties. The recreational cannabis was not legalized before. It was bought secretly and the business of recreational cannabis and the related products were illegal. But now some of the states in the US have legalized cannabis business. Even the business of medical cannabis is limited. In the US, 29 states have legalized the use of medical cannabis and 9 states have legalized the buying of recreational cannabis. Here are the states where it is legal to buy recreational cannabis.


It is the first state where medical marijuana was made legal in 1996. From this year, it is legal to carry and use up to one ounce of recreational marijuana also. However, some cities in California like Fresno has banned the use of recreational marijuana.


Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2012. There are lots of marijuana dispensaries across Colorado. The residents and tourists both can buy them.


In Alaska, anyone above 21 years of age can buy marijuana. Consumption of marijuana was made legal in 2015 here. But it is legal to use up to one ounce of marijuana. Many pot shops are now open in Alaska.


The residents of Maine can possess about 2.5 ounces of marijuana. This is more than the limits given by the other states. There will be taxes imposed on the sale of marijuana as well.


Massachusetts made marijuana legal in 2016. People can use maximum one ounce of marijuana. They will also be allowed to grow about 12 plants indoors.


From July 2017, Nevada legalized the selling and use of recreational weed.  Anyone above 21 years of age can buy it up to an ounce. But if someone wants to grow it in your own house, he or she must live at least 25 miles away from a weed dispensary.


Since 2015, the residents of Oregon and tourists can carry an ounce of weed and grow maximum four plants in their home. But there is a restriction that weed must be consumed in a private place. In 2017, $85 million was earned in tax revenue.


Residents of Vermont can use about one ounce of marijuana and grow up to two plants in their house. So, anyone above 21 years can possess it.


Washington has legalized recreational marijuana in 2012. There is a limitation for growing weed. Residents can grow weed in their home only if they need it for medical purposes. Otherwise, it’s illegal to grow weed. Non-medical marijuana was made legal here in 2014. People can possess about two ounces of marijuana. But for a gift, the amount is limited to one ounce.

Many people voted for legalizing marijuana in 2017. According to a poll, about 64% Americans voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is expected that the country will make billions of dollars as revenue tax from the sale of marijuana.