Top 3 most significant world events of last year

Every year we see some changes in the political landscape. New leaders take vows, countries go into political crisis, major government decisions are being made, etc. Last year hasn’t been any different. Here are the most significant world events that took place last year.

Rohingya crisis

This has been one of the most talked about topic of last year. The Rohingya’s were forced to flee from Myanmar.  Majority of them took shelter in the neighboring country Bangladesh.They are the minority group and mostly Muslims, living in Myanmar for years. But they were discriminated, tortured and raped. Even people were killed. The political leader and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has done very little to overcome the crisis situation.

Saudi Arabia’s new prince

Mohammad bin Salaam is crowned the new Prince of Saudi Arabia. He is young and is all set to make some major economic and social changes in the country. The state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco is made public and women are given permission to drive. He is also arresting people for corruption, and that includes his own family members. It is a very big move for a conservative country like Saudi Arabia.

Nuclear testing in North Korea

Last year North Korea has tested it’s sixth nuclear test. Despite the opposing remarks of the world leaders, they have continued to test their nuclear power. The U. S and China government are likely to take some major step. They will go for military action if needed. It is a great risk to the world if North Korea remains a nuclear power.

Some of these events have affected the world politics. It is hoped that people will stay in harmony and make it a better place to live in. The world leaders should try to make peace, instead of fighting.